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On Ultima Online Dreams there are about 50 different skills, so that you can personalize your pc. You can decide to be a master chef, who gets his own tips stealing from customers, or you might want to become an apprentice smith, who trains with the lute, hoping to become a famous bard, and so on.
You choose.

Here you can find info for each skill, stats, purposes, how to gain, which stats to train (strength, dexterity, intelligence), and much more.
Looking deeply, you'll also find a list of complementary skills needed to build an equilibrated char.

Guaranteed Gain System Scroll of Power Skills Management
Alchemy Anatomy Animal Lore Animal Taming
Archery Arms Lore Battle Focus Begging
Blacksmithy Bowcraft/Fletching Camping Carpentry
Cartography Chivalry Cooking Detecting Hidden
Discordance Evaluating Intelligence Fencing Fishing
Forensic Evaluation Glassblowing Healing Herding
Hiding Inscription Item Identification Lockpicking
Lumberjacking Mace Fighting Magery Masonry
Meditation Mining Musicianship Necromancy
Parrying Peacemaking Poisoning Provocation
Remove Trap Resisting Spells Snooping Spirit Speak
Stealing Stealth Swordsmanship Tactics
Tailoring Taste Identification Tinkering Tracking
Veterinary Wrestling

How to improve your skills

The unique way to obtain complete knowledge of a skill, consists in using it with success.
When your skill is low, you will not complete your actions successfully, but if you want to proceed you may continue until you will get a positive result.

Skills are distributed in scale from 0 to 100: having 0 doesn't mean 100% failure.

Success may be influenced by your qualities or by external conditions which you cannot control.

NPCs may teach you basic skills that they know, but this is not good for new players.

To obtain a skill from a NPC you have to be next to it and to say its name, followed by train and the skill's name.
For example, if you want to learn swordsmanship from NPC named Crowth the fighter, you'll have to say Crowth train swordsmanship, (or you can use the npc's menu).
He will train you until a definite level, asking to be paid for it (he will take the gold from your backpack).

Using Skills

Some skills are automatical. For example, your combat skills are involved each time you try to hit someone with a weapon, and your magery skill is used each time you try to cast a spell.

Many skills must be used selecting them in the "skills" list of your paperdoll, which you can open even by pressing ALT + K.

It is also possible to activate some skills through dedicated instruments: for example, using a crook you will activate Herding.

To make a long story short, the skill list can be personalized, dragging the names in your personal positions.


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