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[Event] Carnival: Backpack Contest 2017

18/2/2017, 21:06 - Owner Onision

We have already challenged you making a float
or a scene with lot of space available,
but what can you do
inside a backpack??

Let your imagination run wild

More info: here

[Event] A Secret Diary of Lord Blackthorn

9/2/2017, 4:35 - lilithstaff

In a small drawer of Lord Blackthorn\'s castle, some letters,
sent by Katrina to the Viceroy of Britain, were found.

From the letters it seems that the Lord...

More info: here

Staff Market Auction

8/2/2017, 23:53 - Owner Onision

House in Luna. It's a good moment for a house in Luna with the new vendors!!!

More info: here

Staff Market Auction

2/2/2017, 3:43 - Owner Onision

-=THE PARTY=- Royal Rumble 2004

More info: here

[Bug Abusing] Mysticism Spell Trigger

27/1/2017, 14:17 - Owner Onision
Hello everyone, we have discovered the existence of a bug on the Mysticism spell "Spell Trigger", by which it is possible to circumvent the oversight of minimum skill and obtain particular spells through a simple macro.

More info: here

Staff Market Auction

18/1/2017, 22:51 - Owner Onision

Verite Buckler

More info: here


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