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[EVENTO TC] Evento e Test sul TC - The Siege April Part I

2/4/2020, 19:00 - TauronStaff

Greetings to the community

We inform you that the UODreams Staff has organized a special event for tomorrow Friday 3 April 2020 at 18.00 which will take place on the shard Test Center, in order to test some changes to the emulator that we are developing.

More info: here

[Event] The Siege - Mar 2020 & The Siege Collection

26/3/2020, 17:05 - TauronStaff

From this edition in the 5 minichamp of the Abominium it will be possible to drop bones called "a Siege Bone".
These bones can be donated to the Monks of Moonglow, earning points to receive some rewards !!!

From this edition both versions of the Invasion Spellbook will be available only through rewards from the Monks of Moonglow and will no longer drop from the Abominium or from the Harbinger.

More info: here

[COUNTDOWN] Xorina Event 2020

20/3/2020, 19:45 - TauronStaff

When will Xorina start ???
There are no specific dates
the purpose of this post is
to give you a little advantage for
accumulate as many artifacts as possible
before the event
officially start !!!

Let the Artifacts collection begin!!

What are you waiting for???

More info: here

[Event] Exodus Bucca Assault

19/3/2020, 19:55 - TauronStaff

We know that Exodus has collected a lot of energy and
it is a port to bring the attack on our world
this time it should appear
in the famous pirate town of
Buccaneer's Den ....

More info: here

[Event] The Siege - Feb 2020

23/2/2020, 1:12 - TauronStaff

Also this month we will find ourselves facing the five Abomini and the Haringers

On Thursday Feb 27th at 9:00pm the five Abominium will appear and later the Harbinger

More info: here

[Event] Staff Dungeon - Valentine's Day Special Edition

12/2/2020, 23:01 - lilithstaff

Friday 14 February the door
Staff Dungeon will be open,
from 15:00 ...

More info: here


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