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Young System

When a player first enters Ultima Online Dreams he/she is considered a “young player” as such he/she has the right to a few privileges and advantages.
A young player can be recognized by the“(Young)” written next to their name.

A player is considered young if:
  • The account of the player has less than 40 hours (40 hours counting the online time of all the characters of the account put together).
  • No character of the acount has more than 450 skill points.
A player loses its young status if:
  • The online hours of the account go over 40.
  • One of the characters goes over 450 skill points.
  • One of the characters says“I renounce my young player status”.
    Once the young status has been lost it cannot be recuperated.

Young player protection

While you are a “young player”you have some advantages that are not available to the more experienced players.

    Young players:
    • May not harm other players.
    • May not be harmed by other players.
    • Will not be attacked by monsters which would usually attack a normal player (quest monsters excluded).
    • Will be teleported to a healer after dying and will find their belongings in their inventory.
    • May not loot a monster that they didnít kill until it has been dead for at least two minutes.
    • Victims may not be looted by other players.
    • May not steal from other players or NPCs.
    • May logout anywhere straight away as if at an inn.

Young player quests

The young player quests will send you to fight against some of the minions of Blackthorn and will help you make your first steps in the world, learning how to move, talk and interact with other players.
If you choose one of the main templates (Warrior, Mage o Blacksmith) you will find yourself at Uzeraanís service, who will help you step by step on how to start with your chosen profession.
Itís importante to know that if you choose the option “cancel quest”you may miss out on useful information and objects along with a reward of 1000 gold coins when the quest is completed.
You may, at any moment, stop the quest without cancelling it and restart at another time if you are still a young player. If at any time you forget what quest you are doing you can click on your character and then choose “View quest log”.
After finishing the quest spend some time in the newbie town of Haven, youíll find a not too challenging atmosfere where you can try out your newly learnt skills.

New Player Ticket

To use the ticket you must find another player who has a “New Player Ticket”. Once youíve found one, double click on your ticket then on the other marked “new player”, a window will appear to both ticket holders where they may choose one of the following prizes:-

  • A sextant.
  • A coupon for a single hair restyling.
  • A spellbook with all 1st - 4th spells.
  • A wand of fireworks.
  • A spyglass.
  • Dyes and a dye tub.  

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