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Pluses Bonuses

Moreover the possibility to obtain Advanced Characters and slot Bonuses, Premium Subscription will give you the following privileges:

  • The Function "personaggio fisicamente bloccato" in Help gump (from Character paperdoll will take a maxium of 2 minutes to teleport you away even if repeiting usages during the day.

  • Virtes Decay halved

  • 8x8 antimacroing deactivated (you will be able to gain in every skill by standing in the same tile)

  • Access to Test Center granted (Tc9 general info)

  • Consol Command (digit with square brachet):


    • Summons -> opens a gump with a coloured list of your summoned creatures
    • Bondtime -> give the opportunity to control days, hours and minutes to bond time
    • Fame&Karma -> give the opportunity to control Fama&Karma level
    • Killdecay -> give the opportunity to control next decay for short and long term kill


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