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Chat Regulation



- No one is forced to stay in chat (it's explained on the Chat guide how to disable it). But it's the right to those who want to be there, that there is no inappropriate language for a public place.

- Can be ignored the individual player that annoy us (it's explained on the Chat guide how to do). So a bit of fun, jokes, etc...are accepted. The chat is also used to have fun, should not be a funeral!

That said, that the mere "ignore" solves most of the problems, we move to the actual regulation.


I - Since 25/06/2016 :
  • Who spams
  • Who continually teases
  • Who uses bad language
  • Who offends so light or heavy
  • Etc...
He will be banned for at least a month and, of course, if the Regulation also provides for other measures for the infringement, those will normally be applied (eg: the blasphemy also provides for the jail of five days).

The use of chat should be the privilege of those who know how to behave in an appropriate manner within a community. Who does not respect these simple rules of behavior should not cause unnecessary damage or disturbance to other players and it is therefore right to deprive him of this instrument.

The ban from the chat NOT imply limitations in being able to continue to play and, with the recent fixes to the system, you can continue to use chat Guild and Alliance without problems.

II - those who break the rules of the different channels of the chat. *** (To learn more, read below the section on the chat channels)

Measures are at the unquestionable discretion of the staff and like everything else, do not count screen, video, etc...but only a page for verbal harassment done immediately and without log out.

Channels and their characteristics

I - Public: main game chat, in which have a little chat, talk generally of the game, ask for information, etc...

Game command: [c

II - Vendor: Only messages of buy / sell / exchange. Between a message and the other about the same item / services must elapse at least 15-20 minutes unless there is a question or an ongoing negotiation concerning your message.

Game command: [v or [vendor

III - Duels (de-activated for now): channel dedicated to a bit more aggressive and goliardic language. Obviously, this does not mean you can break the rules of the chat.

Game command: [d or [duels

The creation of these two new channels, implies that in the public chat will no longer be accepted advertisements and battle bickering.

Channels rules

*** Who will write on the wrong channel (or will repeat messages in the Vendor Channel without observing the proper time), will be first warned verbally and if will continue, he will be banned from the chat for 1 day. In case of recidivism, the penalty will increase from time to time: 1 week, 1 month, etc...

It's forbidden to write messages (whole or most of them)in the chat with Caps Lock (uppercase). Failure to observe this rule is punishable with the ban from the chat itself. Also if it were to repeat that offense the penalty could increase by up to permanent ban of the said. 

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