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The Buccaneer's Den Scarlet Mark

© The image depicted is processing a frame of the film "Lord of the Flies" (1990), adapted from the novel by W. Golding


  1. The Story
  2. Introduction
  3. The Galleons
  4. Faction PVP: Punkte calculation
  5. Capture The Flag
  6. Insanity Champion Spawn
  7. Conclusion

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In the city, once hidden, of the Devil's Guards,
for years and years the most horrid crimes have been consumed,
to become the den of cutthroats and outlaws.
A city where pirates and corsairs could hole up
at the end of their raids and still it is out of any rule...

Few months ago the great Alchemist and Magician,
Magnus, observing on the Island,
another battle with no holds barred
between some faction members,
he decided to exploit its knowledge,
and studying some old writings
of the crew of Captain Hawkins,
he unearthed an ancient galleon
that had long lay on the seabed.

Magnus transported in a Bull the Galleon,
until the center of the island,
then sprinkled with powdered bones
of corpses dried in the sun,
he added the hatred and fear of the survivors,
he mixed the screams of the battles
and finally he burned the colors of each faction...

And so much blood and bones and colors,
too different between them,
they could not hold together and,
with a roar that shook the whole island,
the Bubble got up, it began to float in
the air and then it burst.
It dividing into four small bubbles
that carried by a Magic Breath they landed
on the sea docking at the coast and...
becoming 4 Galleons!

Each Galleon has in itself the colors, the experiences,
the victories and the defeats of each faction,
and it will become a safe shelter for their faction members,
right there on that island without laws and without morals,
where behind every tree or door,
it conceals an enemy ready to kill: at....Buccaneer'd Den!

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"The Buccaneer’s Den Scarlet Mark" is a custom event of UODreams dedicated to the Player vs Player, particularly to that between Factions. As the name suggests, it takes place on the island of Buccaneer's Den, on Felucca's facet ; it is a permanent event: it is playable every day, since it is not limited to certain special occasions (such as, for example, the Server War). Why did we choose the Island as location? For many reasons: on Buccaneer's Den is not in force the Faction Loss, there are not guards and from the island is hard to go away without being noticed...

Map of Buccaneer's Den: the positions of the four Faction's Galleons and of the "Flag Altar" are highlighted. Also visible are the two Gate of entrance to the Champion Spawn, located in the basement.

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As previously mentioned, the focus of the "Buccaneer’s Den Scarlet Mark" are the four Factions. Each of them will have, firmly anchored at the coast of the island in a predetermined point, a Faction's Galleon identified by specific color (see image). The Galleons are the basis of factions, at which you can stock up and get together with Faction's fellow. The Galleons are lacking Tillerman and they can not be driven. The access to a Galleon is allowed only to the members of the respective faction, which to board they will have to use a special Gate - present near the ship - because, in the proximity of the Galleon, it won't be possible:

  1. To use travel's spells such as "Recall", "Mark", "Gate Travel", etc..

  2. To Teleport

On Board of the Galleon you will find out:

  1. A NPC Banker, with which you will be able to interact to access to your bank

  2. A "Faction Chest", which is a special and unique case for each Faction, it has the same color of the Galleon. This case will not contain items btu the so-called "Reward Credits": once double-clicked, the case will display a gump (see image) in which it will be listed the available credits to the Faction and the rewards available for the players. All the characters that are faction members, they have the possibility to withdraw from the cash the prizes available, until the credits will run out. To prevent that the resources get picked up repeatedly by the same PGs, it won't be able for the same character to take the same each prize more than once every three and a half days. But you have to know that it has been planned a mechanics intended to encourage the most present and able players: each time that a Faction Member will kill an opponent of a different Faction, the cooldown of the winner of the clash will be reduced to half a day. Keep in mind that, on the occasion of the "Kill Point Decay" weekly, the credits present in the trunks will be reduced by 2 points, up to a minimum of 0.

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In order to encourage the game Player vs Player, on the island of Buccaneer's Den it will be activate a mechanism that will allow to compensate the fewer Factions in the fighting. This mechanics consists of a new method of calculation of Kill Points (or Punkte) earned "by killing" opponents: the characters of many factions they will be able to earn, on equal terms, less Punkte for each "kill". Conversely, the members of the fewer Factions will get more Punkte. Keep in mind that this mechanics expressly provides that there is no consistency guaranteed in Punkte gained or lost, so the exact amount will be determined for each kill. Remember that this method of calculation is active only on the island of Buccaneers' Den, in the rest of Felucca it will continue to apply the usual rules.

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In the description of Galleons Faction, we have already mentioned the "Faction Chests" and the fact that they retain the "Reward Credits" of the respective faction. To replenish the credits, you can participate to the "Capture The Flag" which will take place almost daily on the island. At the "Flag Altar", ", located at the center of the island at a point equidistant from the four Galleons (see map), it will be able to "spawn", once or more a day, a "Faction Flag" orange. The exact frequency of the spawn of the flag is determined by the number of characters that are faction members present on the island of Buccaneer's Den: the greater will be the number of faction members on the island, the more likely the Flag will spawn. The most favorable probability is expected in prime time, coinciding with the time of maximum influx of users.

To get the flag, you must have a Faction's Thief that steal the Flag using the skill "Stealing":requirements to steal Faction Flag are the same as those for the theft of the seals (minimum level of "Stealing" 80, both hands free, etc.), you can therefore use the same PG. Once stolen, the flag will move inside the backpack of the thief who may, double-clicking it, pass it to another Faction Member. The owner of the flag will be highlighted in game because it will take on the distinctive color of their faction.

Now ... start the race! Instead, you will have go to your "Faction Pentagram", located near the Faction Galleon, and place the flag (to do this, double-click the flag inside the backpack and "target" the Pentagram). At this point, at the Pentagram it will start a second's count of the Flag's possession. It will be the task of your opponents counterattack, to try to steal the flag from your Pentagram and bring it to their pentagrams. If you manage to defeat the opponent who owns at that time the flag, you will find on his body the "Faction Flag", which can take possession by double-clicking it and "targeting" yourself. Keep in mind that, if the body disappears, the flag will return to the "Flag Altar" and it will assume the original orange color. Remember, finally, that the character that has the flag in the backpack:

  1. Will not be able to use travel's spell such as "Recall" or "Gate Travel

  2. Will not be able to hided(using magic, skills or other)

  3. If He will try to get out from the island of Buccaneers' Den, He will magically reported at the "Flag Altar"

Each Capture The Flag will last an hour; at the conclusion, the participant's Factions will receive the "Reward Credits" in proportion to the time of possession of the flag: the longer will be the time in which you will have protected the Flag on your Pentagram, the greater the credits that will be added to your Faction Chest. Once the "Capture the Flag" will be ended, the flag will disappear into thin air to suddenly reappear at the next spawn…

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Finally, to encourage the participation at the event also of the characters Player vs Monster, it has been expected the presence in Buccaneer's Den of a new Champion Spawn called "Insanity Champion Spawn". The "Insanity Champion Spawn" is accessible from the basement of Buccaneer's Den by two Gates (see map). Once you will have reached the dungeon, there will remain just to challenge the Champion in the usual way ("targeting" the idol with the virtue Valor).

Once defeated the "Insane Champion", you will have the chance to get as reward two new jewelry designed specifically to improve your equipment: they are two pairs of earrings that can be worn by any character, including non-faction member.

  1. The "Valorite Earrings" have the following properties: MR 2, MI 8 SDI 10

  2. The "Verite Earrings" have the following properties: LMC 5, HPI 5, SR 2

Both pairs of earrings have durability 45/45, are colorable with pigments of Tokuno, serviceable but not Quenchable with PoF and they are of type "Owned By": this means that, once worn a first time, they will be able to be used only by the rightful owner. Attention therefore when you will want to buy or sell it: although very valuable, they could unexpectedly reveal their pirate's nature...

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We therefore invite you all to participate strongly to the "Buccaneer’s Den Scarlet Mark" ! With the hope that the event is to your liking, we wish you a good drop and the maximum fun! Stay with UODreams!  

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